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  • How do I know if there are any lots available for purchase in Brakkeput Noord?
    The lots that will be available for sale will be listed on the interactive map and the online bidding form on the website
  • Where can I sign up for the interest mailing form?
    You can sign up for the interest mailing form here to be notified when the bidding starts.
  • What is the location of the lots and are there any amenities nearby such as supermarket, shops, and restaurants?
    The lots are located in Brakkeput Noord on the eastside of the island. Different amenities like shops, supermarkets and restaurants are nearby. The area map on the website shows these various amenities.
  • What is the start date of the sale?
    Currently, the sale is scheduled for the 31st of January, 2024, but this may be subject to change depending on various external factors. By registering through the online interest form, you will be informed by mail about the start date of the sale.
  • How will I be informed about the sale of the lots?
    Everyone who has registered through the online interest form will be informed via email. All information regarding the bidding rules and building regulations (in Dutch: welstandsbepalingen) will be sent via email to those who have registered through the online interest form.
  • How will the sale take place? Through bidding or regular sale?
    The sale will be conducted by electronically sealed bidding.
  • What are the prices of the lots?
    Once the sale has started, the minimum bidding prices will be visible in the online bidding form on the website The minimum price will be specified on a per-square-meter basis.
  • What is the size of the lots?
    The average lot size is around 750 square meters. The exact square meters will be shown on the map on the website.
  • How many lots am I able to buy?
    You can buy one (1) lot per private individual.
  • Is it possible to reserve a lot or multiple lots in advance?
    No, the lots will be simultaneously offered to everyone once the sale has started. The general terms and conditions of the electronically sealed bidding are available on the website.
  • Does the buyer of the lot have to build their own home or does APC construct the houses?
    The buyer of the lot is responsible for building their own home (according to the corresponding building regulations). APC does not construct houses on the lots.
  • Are the lots subjected to architectural guidelines? If so, will we receive a copy of the architectural guidelines before finalizing the purchase?
    Yes, the architectural guidelines are in the building regulations (in Dutch: welstandsbepaling) that are available on the website. They can be accessed and downloaded from the website.
  • Do you have to be a resident of Curaçao to buy a lot?
    No, as a buyer, it is not mandatory for you to be a resident of Curaçao. However, when bidding on a lot, you will be required to upload a valid identification document and indicate your place of residence.
  • Whom can I contact for more information about Brakkeput Noord?
    You can contact us at for further inquiries.
  • Is the allotment plan intended to become a gated community?
    No, it is not intended as a gated community, but there will be a management association of which all lot owners will be members. The lot owners can further decide on the allotment plan.
  • Are the lots going to be granted as leasehold or as freehold?
    The lots will be granted as freehold land (eigendomsgrond).
  • Is it possible to buy two or more lots and build only one house?
    No, it is not possible to buy more than one lot. Only one lot will be awarded to a person. A residence must be built on each individual lot within the stipulated timeframe of 5 years.
  • Until when can you bid on a lot?
    The bidding is open until 11:00 am (GMT-4) on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

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