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Building regulations

Building regulations are rules and regulations that apply to the external appearances of buildings and the environment in development plans. These provisions are designed to ensure a harmonious and attractive living environment while preserving the identity and valuable aspects of the area. Would you like to know what the welfare provisions are for Brakkeput Noord? 

Please note that the building regulations have been updated. The latest version of the building regulations dated January 25, 2024, applies to the sale of the lots.

Click on the button below to download the 'Building regulations' document.

Bidding process

To purchase one of the lots at Brakkeput Noord, you will need to place your bid using the online bidding form.  All 160 lots have a minimum bidding price, and the highest bidder is able to buy the lot.  For more information about purchasing by bidding we kindly refer you to the 'Terms & Conditions' document. 

General Terms & Conditions

This document states the Terms and Conditions under which APC conducts sales by bidding. By completing the bidding form the bidder acknowledges that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them. 

Click on the button below to download the 'Terms and Condition' document. 


Brakkeput Noord Area map

The area map provides insights into the surrounding amenities and attractions near the lots of Brakkeput Noord. The area shows a variety of options, including restaurants, water sport activities, gyms , wellness facilities, beautiful beaches and nature. Take a closer look at the potential this location has to offer. 

rest icon.png


spmrkt icon.png

Supermarket & shops


Spa & wellness


Gym & fitness

wtr icon.png

Water sports & marina

bchs icon.png



Sightseeing & nature

area map jan24.png
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